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Ahmad El Sawi Zantout Ests Co s.a.l. Main Distributer for Bridgestone tires in LebanonAhmad El Sawi Zantout Ests Co s.a.l. Main Distributer for Bridgestone tires in Lebanon
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Official Announcement of Bridgestone Winners

December 20 2016 15:00  2457 views
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After the very successful promotion that Bridgestone Lebanon held, for 3 months, for all its fans and customers; the final draw to announce the winners of the Participate and win promotion, was held on the 15th of December, under the supervision of the Lebanese National Lottery, presented by Miss Najla Hobeich, and with the supervision of Mr. Karim Fakhry.

The winners were announced on Bridgestone official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bridgestonelb/

Bridgestone was offering 7 amazing gifts, and the lucky 7 winners are:

1- Toyota Yaris 2017: Philippe P. Yazigi

2- Trip to Europe: Kristof Harb

3- Iphone 7: Ziad Muhieddine Shabro

4- Ipad Air 2: Mohammad Abed Tabsh

5- Ipad Air 2: Beatrice Layoun

6- PS4: Nicole El Dahr

7- PS4: Mohammad Juni

Bridgestone Lebanon congratulates all the winners, and promises its customers and fans to keep on giving generously!

All they have to do is buy Bridgestone tires, and get the VIP card; because after all: 

When it comes to tires, its Either Bridgestone or nothing!

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