About bridgestone lebanon
Lebanon : Ahmad El-Sawi Zantout Est.Co. sal

The company has been Bridgestone’s distributor since 1962, and quickly attained the status of top national tire supplier. Our success stems from our
extensive expertise and insight in selecting sizes and patterns that are suitable for Lebanon’s weather conditions. Our tires meet all of the various
market requirements, while their exceptional quality ensures that they can effectively handle poor-quality asphalt, as well as mountain roads. They,
moreover, offer a high level of comfort, and guarantee superb grip on wet roads.

Crucial to our achievements has been the maintenance of a network of warehouses and reputable dealers that span across the entire Lebanese
territory, and always retain a sufficient amount of items in inventory to meet demand. We also take pride in our ability to meet any customer
requirement, as well as a firm commitment to after-sale service.

Worldwide : “The Bridgestone Way”
Our hope is that our customers will trust the safety of a product because it carries the Bridgestone name, a true mark of quality. We are comited to
working to make life safer and more comfortable for all our customers. We are also working diligently to earn and maintain the trust of our customers,
employees and communities while taking pride in the esteem in which the Bridgestone name is held around the world. The pride that comes from such
well-earned trust is the spirit that motivates the employees of Bridgestone group worldwide.

Our corporate mission is to “serve society with superior quality,” words said by Bridgestone’s founder Shojiro Ishibashi to describe his vision for the
company. Superior quality is not merely a goal to which we aspire in connection with our products sevices and technology. It is something that we
persue in all our corporate activities.

This “spirit” and “mission” form key elements of the Bridgestone Way. They provide an unchanging direction and motivating force as we work together
to become the undisputed No.1 tire and rubber company both in name and substance.