Bridgestone How to check your tyre pressure?
How to check your tyre pressure?
How to check your tyre pressure?

· After inflating tyres to the correct pressure, check that there is no air leakage from the valve core, the rim or around the valve, before putting on the valve cap


· Make sure that the valve cap is put on and tightened appropriately

·Check the air pressure regularly (once a month) using an air pressure gauge before moving the vehicle and when the tyre is cold. Adjust it to the pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer or tyre manufacturer. Insufficient pressure can     cause damage to the tyre or lead accidents.

· Insufficient inflation pressure, particularly in a low-profile tyre, is not visually  noticeable; always use an air pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure.

·During and after driving, the air pressure is high because of the heat. Never try to   reduce the pressure while the tyre is hot