Bridgestone Find out your mechanic fees Now!
Find out your mechanic fees Now!
Find out your mechanic fees Now!

Settle your yearly mechanic dues on our website!

Lebanese law imposes a yearly payment of mechanic fees, and Bridgestone is here to help you figure out the dues to pay.


You can now calculate your mechanic dues in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is:

-        Go to our website:,

-        Scroll to the Useful tools section,

-        Choose Option: Vehicle Mechanic,

-        Click on “Check”,

-        Enter the following information:

- Model year

- Horse power

- Vehicle type

- Symbol

- Plate number,

-        Your results will appear.


Or you can easily follow the following link to be directed instantly to the page:


Disclaimer: For your information, this service is linked and updated to the Nefaa Database.

We are not responsible for any misleading results.