Bridgestone How old should my tyres be?
How old should my tyres be?
How old should my tyres be?

At Bridgestone, we recommend that in addition to your own personal regular inspections, you have all your tyres, including spares, inspected regularly by a qualified expert at least once a year once they reach five years of age. Specialists, such as tyre dealers, will let you know whether or not your tyres are safe to continue using. Tyres should be removed once they reach ten years of age, regardless of appearance, mileage or actual wear.

If the tyres were original equipment on the vehicle, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre replacement recommendations, when specified (but not to exceed 10 years). As well as this, we strongly encourage you to be aware not only of your tyres' visual condition and inflation pressure but also of any change in dynamic performance such as increased air loss, noise or vibration.