Bridgestone What to do if you're stuck in snow
What to do if you're stuck in snow
What to do if you're stuck in snow

A blizzard is on the way. You’ve stocked up on candles, hot cocoa and batteries. But what if you have to leave the house? Do you know how to get your car out of the snow if you get stuck?

From driving techniques to using props, here are seven ways to get your car moving again, plus some advice about how to prepare for a snowstorm.

1. The Forward-and-Back Technique
2. The Braking Technique
3. Find Some Muscle
4. Use Snow Chains
5. The Rocking Technique
6. Add Traction with Sand, Kitty Litter or Cardboard
7. Let a Bit of Air Out of Your Tires

Be Prepared When Your Car Does Break Free

If you’re in forward gear, don’t stop right away but drive somewhere you can see there’s less snow and you can safely stop. If you’re in reverse, keep backing up for a few yards, then take your foot off the gas. The snow will stop you. Next, put it in low gear and gently accelerate forward in the tracks you’ve made, just fast enough to break through where you were stuck.