Bridgestone Guide To Buying A Second Hand Car
Guide To Buying A Second Hand Car
Guide To Buying A Second Hand Car

There are 145 checks that must be carried out on a used car before purchase. Get the car checked at the dealer’s workshop, at an RTA Service Centre or by an independent professional.

Important things to check for:

Check the car’s odometer to determine the car’s age and health (a mileage above 130,000km could spell trouble.
Check for dark brown stains on the engine – which will need a mechanic’s attention
Brake fluid should be clear, yellowish or light brown at the most.
Rust will indicate that the water pump, radiator or heater core will need repairing
Transmission fluid should be clear
Check the boot for signs of water entry or rust.
Check for frame damage
Look for rust, dents or scratches on the paint job
Check the interior, seats and upholstery for tears, stains or other forms of damage.
Check the air conditioning.
Check the second hand tyres.They have an expiry date (in the UAE it is five years from date of manufacture, in other countries it is six years) so double check when this is coming up. If you spot any of the following, the tyres need to be checked by a professional before you decide to buy the vehicle.
You see the glimmer of metal. The damage could have resulted from uneven roads or sharp objects, and could lead to a flat or a sudden blowout.
Weather cracks and sidewall bulges or bubbles
The car pulls to one side, an indicator of bad wheel alignment or delayed rotation of the tyres
Tread wear bars that are visible or level with the tyre tread means the tyres have done their time.
If the tyres do need replacing, and you are happy with the condition of the rest of the car, you want to get your ride a set of wheels that are safe, comfortable and long lasting. Like Bridgestone's Turenza Tyre.